"COMICS" №15, "Side by Side", EECC2013...

We’re happy to share with you that our comics “Side by Side” is in issue 15 of the Romanian comics magazine “COMICS”! This is our third publication in “COMICS”, and our third collaboration with the amazing team of the periodical. It has revolutionized the Romanian comics scene, featuring more than 70 talented authors. It is a great experience for us to be in this milestone issue! “COMICS” №15 will have its official premiere at the first East European Comic Con, (March 30 – 31, 2013)EECC. It is a great pleasure for us that our story “Side by Side” will be part of the festival's magic! Here are "COMICS" №15's cover,EECC 2013's official poster and the "COMICS" №15!


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