Under My Skin...

2011 saw the release of our graphic novella “UNDER MY SKIN” in . The book also introduced our projects “FATED” and “VARKOLAK”. “UNDER MY SKIN” is a different story. An urban fantasy drama centred on the struggle within. The tale is character driven with every moment being intensified and expressive. Every man has faced a cross road on his path and will find himself in it. The novella is a modern fairy tale of human nature and soul. No gimmicks.

Here is the trailer to “Under My Skin”. We translated the text from Bulgarian to English.

Emiliyan Valev and Stanimir Valev Present/ How much do you want to fit in?/ How many masks do you put in your life?/ With your family? With your friends?/ When are you truly yourself?/ Can you put all these masks down?/ And with who?/ Are you ready to reveal yourself?/ The Graphic Novella “Under My Skin”/ Introducing “Samson”/”Fated”/ Introducing “Varkolak”