Welcome To Our Realm!

As you stepped into our realm, allow us to introduce ourselves! We are two brothers-Emiliyan Valev and Stanimir Valev. We are artists and writers from Bulgaria. We are both involved in every aspect of our work-story, script, illustrations, lettering, design etc. As authors, we want to present our works to as many people as possible! Our main interests and passions are in the comic book genre. We’re enchanted by its magic and its infinite artistic possibilities.
Our first published work in comics was in 2008. We were writers in one of the biggest comics projects in Bulgaria-“BULGARIAN KINGS”. The series explored some of the greatest Bulgarian rulers through the ages. In 2009 we had a creator-owned strip published in a Bulgarian lifestyle magazine. The series “STAR BABEL” took a humorous look at worldwide public life and celebrities. In 2010 we appeared in the exhibition of the 12th BALKANSKA SMOTRA MLADIH STRIP AUTORA, LESKOVAC, SERBIA. The festival showcases some of the brightest new talents in the Balkans. In the same year, we participated in Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed Art book Contest. Our work was well received by the jury.