“First National Exhibition of Bulgarian Comics” is held September 10-25th 2013, in Sofia, Bulgaria. This historic event for the Ninth Art is organized by SBH (Union of Bulgarian Artists) and “Project Daga” (Project Rainbow). SBH’s gallery in Bulgaria’s capital city Sofia on “Shipka” Street №06 is hosting 100 authors of several generations and 600 canvases of comics art. This is the biggest art gallery in Bulgaria. The exhibition is marked by many events celebrating the Ninth Art, among which is the first Award for Contribution to the Bulgarian Comics Aleksander Denkov. Aleksander Denkov (1925-1972) is one of the most influential artists in Bulgarian comics and modern illustration. The comics creators from the exhibition are featured in a special catalogue. Among the international guests are representatives from some of the biggest Balkan comics festivals and comics distributors from Serbia. The show is very successful, and prominently featured in the Medias. We are happy and honored to be among the authors in the exhibition, and part of this landmark event. SBH (Union of Bulgarian Artists) “Project Daga” (Project Rainbow) joins together legendary authors from the classic comic strip magazine “Daga” (Rainbow). The magazine was published from late 70s till early 90s, and turned into an icon in Bulgarian Pop culture. “First National Exhibition of Bulgarian Comics”facebook of the First National Exhibition of Bulgarian Comics