"SAMODIVA'S KISS" Makes Its Bulgarian Debut

“SAMODIVA’S KISS” makes its Bulgarian debut in the 50th issue of the Bulgarian magazine Az Sam Bulgarche. The publication is aimed at children and young adults. It offers a rich diversity of educational and interactive materials. Main topics in the magazine are Bulgarian culture and history, family values, and the curious sides of the world around us. “SAMODIVA’S KISS” Part One is presented in a new format the landmark issue. Our comics was exhibited at Balkanska Smotra Mladih StripAutora (Balkans Festival of Young Comics Creators) Leskovac, Serbia 2012; Medunarodna Strip Konferencija KGG 3 (International Comics Strip Conference Kragujevac Year Three) Kragujevac, Serbia 2013, and published on AMILOVA.COM - an international site and online community devoted to comics, manga and video games. You can learn more about Az Sam Bulgarche Issue 50 and “SAMODIVA’S KISS” here: http://www.bulgarche.eu/index.php/aktzenti/187-broi-50